Privacy Policy

Customer's privacy is important to us, that's why we have prepared a Privacy Policy that covers how we use, process, disclose, safeguard and retain Personal Data. Please take a moment to understand our privacy practices and let us know if you require any clarifications.

Privacy Policy Statement

Information is important for us in order to provide our best service to you as our customers. Therefore, keeping customer information safe, secure and using it only for the purpose of serving our customers is the utmost priority for all of us. Whether you are customer or a visitor to the public area of our website, we understand the importance you place on the privacy and security of information that personally identifies you.

When you request an insurance quote from us, we request for your personal particulars which may include among others your income, creditworthiness assets and liabilities depending on what products and services you apply for and subscribe to. This information enables us to deliver personalized services and communicate separately with you.

We may also collect personal particulars from the following persons:

  1. Visitors to our website (such as this website);
  2. Individuals who have participated in our events which we organise online or via telemarketing. or at any of our offices or through our affiliates or business partners;
  3. And visitors on our website who have participated in any of our research and surveys and other similar activities.

We use personal information in ways that are in line with the purposes for which we originally requested it. For example, we will use the information you give us to process your requests and transactions, to provide you with additional information about products and services, or to evaluate your insurance needs.

To do so, we may share personal information with an insurer or affiliate so that they may do the same and they may pass information held by them about you to us so that we may do the same. We limit the collection and use of personal information to what is necessary to administer our business and to deliver superior service to you. This may include advising you about our products or services, those of our affiliates, and other opportunities that we believe may interest you.

To serve you better, we may combine information you give us on the Website or through other channels. We also use aggregated information about the use of our services. We are strongly committed to protecting the security of your personal or private information that your share with us.

Additional privacy promise to our customers:

  • We may combine information you give us on the Website or through other channels to deliver our best service to our customers that includes to evaluate our users' preferences, improve our services, to administer our business, and other opportunities that we believe may interest you.
  • We will permit only our authorized employees to have access to that information. Our employees are educated on handling of customer information. Employees who breach our privacy policy would be subject to our disciplinary action, as we may consider appropriate.
  • We will protect the confidentiality of any personal information you share with us. We do reserve the right to disclose your information when required under any law or regulation or to co-operate with regulators, law enforcement authorities, or any authorities having jurisdiction over us with regards to disclosure of your personal information.
  • We will not use or share internally or externally personally identifiable medical information for any purpose other than the underwriting or administering of a customer's policy, claim or account, or the purpose as disclosed to the customer when the information is collected, or to which the customer consents.
  • We will attempt to keep customer files complete, up to date, and accurate. If the information with us is not correct, not updated, or incomplete, please inform by writing to us, and we will promptly rectify. Alternatively, you can access the "Contact Us" on our website.